Helping Horses and Others Who Need Our Care.

Papi 19 years old very broke

  Papi is up to date on every thing and ready for his new home. He is 19 and needs a rider that can ride with soft aids. He will put up with what ever but has a work ethic. He likes to be chosen to be the one ridden.

We have roosters looking for homes,

Maximus – 10 year old gelding in Rehab

Maximus was well love but not taken care of properly and foundered very badly.  Right now every one is waiting to see if he can be brought back to sound.  

Tommy – Needs a Sponsor

This energetic guy is in Sanctuary as he tends to charge children. He has a bad back and rotated coffin bone. He is no longer a riding pony as riding causes pain for him.  If you feel you can sponsor Tommy to be in Sanctuary please email us at .

Olivia In Training and up for adoption

Oliva was a kill pen horse saved from Wa.  She is in training and being ridden. She is cute. Believed to be ten years old. She had a long term foster home, but her foster mom got sick and needed to shrink her herd a bit.